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Zethcon offers the best 3PL warehouse management software and system solution for operating third party warehouses competently and beneficially. Contact us today to know more about our 3PL warehouse management software.

Benefits of hiring 3PL services and using Warehouse Management Systems

When it comes to opening a warehouse in a different and alien country, not only does the owner have to invest a significant and substantial amount of money, he also needs to do away with the expectations of making any profit on the new venture. And, running a warehouse in some far off country is not a simple task, requiring quite some efforts and skills.

In order to ensure smooth functioning of their overseas warehouses most business owners opt for hiring Third Party Logistics (3PL) to take over the responsibility of the project. Thanks to proper usage of 3PL WMS software services, which utilize warehouse management software, the chances of meeting with success are far bright. It is essential for the service provider to integrate 3PL warehouse management software in such a way that, it helps in saving time, efforts and money, for the business owners.

3PL service providers, when, finalized and hired with proper care and research, can go a long way in ensuring success of your venture, apart from simplifying your supply chain. However, any wrong move made while selecting a 3PL service provider can lead to doing more harm than good for your purpose.

One of the biggest disadvantages seen in selecting a unprofessional and inexperienced 3 PL service provider is that, business owners tend to lose direct control over the management processes related to warehouse functioning. This, in turn, can also result in client companies having to settle for nil or very little knowledge over the running of a warehouse.

In order to understand the benefits of hiring 3PL service providers and warehouse management system, clients first need to understand their importance and methods of functioning. Warehouse management systems (WMS) work with the sole purpose of streamlining several processes, which are tedious and time consuming, pertaining to running of one or more warehouses. But, there is no such thing like one warehouse management system fits all, with each warehouse functioning requiring different warehouse management systems and solutions.

Here’s taking a look at some of the key benefits offered by using 3PL warehouse management software.

Enhanced Visibility

Any reliable and experienced 3PL company should possess the ability to foresee real time data. The reason being, clients are always interested in gaining easy access to reports, apart from easy tracking of inventory and viewing the progress status of their warehouse venture. It is for the 3PL service provider to provide their clients with inventory management visibility to their clients.

Easy inventory tracking by the owners

Although, WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) are considered as management tools, they are also effective in playing a critical role in customer service. Considering the need for regular and constant interaction between the freight shippers and 3PL companies, WMS can offer easy tracking of the location of the goods, which is crucial. Identifying the location of their goods, results in creating a trust and bonding, between the clients and 3PL companies.

Advanced 3PL Billing

Billing is never an easy process, when it comes to handling multiple clients. But, with WMS in place, the complicated process of raising bills for multiple clients becomes easier and smoother.

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